We support everything computer related: servers, computers, mobile devices, network routers and switches

See our page for support of servers, computers, & software



Live Person Help Desk

When calling TechSystems, your employees will always have a direct line to talk to a live person, every time they call. 

Trained, certified engineers answer the phone and resolve all problems without having to escalate the issue to another level of support!

We install a security agent on all devices we support. This gives us the ability to remotely monitor the health of hundreds of devices, proactively remediate failures or contact users before failures occur.

We make sure all updates are installed on time according to approved policies.

When needed we can initiate a remote session to the end user device and help them with a problem or advise them about best practices and solutions.



Prorated Hours Savings Plan: pre-purchase support hours at the beginning of the month.


The number of hours to be pre-purchased are estimated based on the number of computers and other network devices the customer needs support for. We provide estimation of the number of hours customers need.


  • Pre-purchase 20+ support hours at $75/hr - saving over 40%

  • Pre-purchase 10+ support hours at $80/hr - savings over 35%

  • Pre-purchase 5+ support hours at $85/hr - saving over 30%

  • Pre-purchase 3-4 support hours at $90/hr - saving over 25%

  • Pre-purchase 1-2 support hours at $95/hr - saving over 20%

Per-Node Support Plan

The most worry-free plan is the per-node unlimited support plan. This means unlimited support for any and all issues with no additional service charges for the customer.

The cost is $75/mo per device (called nodes) with unlimited devices on the plan. Devices include computers, servers, mobiles, printers, network equipment, etc.


On-Demand Support

On-demand is our hourly rate beyond the support plans at $110/hr.

Extended & After-hour Support

Our purpose is to be as transparent to your business process as possible.

Our engineers work in the background to fix detected problems.

When maintenance or upgrades are required, we schedule any downtime after hours to minimize end user interruptions.

Engineers are also available after hours for end user support.