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Daniel Hill

IT Solutions Architect,
Security Systems Control


Dan is a tech wizard with a dash of quirkiness and a whole lot of expertise. With over 5 years of experience in the IT field and a love for all things tech, he's the go-to guy for all your computer-related conundrums.

But don't let his nerdy side fool you - Dan is also a seasoned pro when it comes to physical security. With over 6 years of experience under his belt, he's the one you want watching over your company's assets.

With an Associates degree in Computer Networking, Cyber Security, and Programming, Dan has the brains to back up his brawn. He's also collected a handful of tech certifications, just because he's that dedicated to staying on top of his game.

But enough about his credentials - let's talk about the real reason you want Dan on your team. Not only is he a tech genius, he's also a master of witty banter and the occasional dad joke. Trust us, you'll never be bored with Dan around.

So if you're in need of a tech expert with a sense of humor, look no further than Dan. He's the perfect combination of brains and humor to keep your company running smoothly.



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