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What to do when your systems don't work

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Computers have a mind of their own, at least some of the time.


… Slow computer, suspected virus, lost files, no Internet connection …


Leave it to our pros. They will diagnose and fix any hardware, software, or network related issues.


The good news is that we stand behind our work. We have a “Fix & Go” approach - we fix it and then keep it going with our monthly service plans. No more surprise expenses for you!


All good things come to an end, favorite computers included.


For all new hardware we offer full brand-name vendor purchasing. Our pros will explain the configuration options and help you make an intelligent decision so you can purchase the best hardware at the budge you have.

We are resellers for brand names like Lenovo (formerly IBM), HP, and Dell. 

A Mac is your choice of hardware? Glad to hear, we can help you with the purchase of your Mac as well.


For a no obligation consultation you can use the Contact Us form, submit a ticket to our ServiceDesk, or call our pros at the numbers on the banner.