Uplevel Security Gateway, VPN, and WIFI Controller

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Common causes of failure in computer networks are due to faulty hardware, cable issues, and/or misconfiguration. Our pros will install quality brand-name network equipment to meet your budget and will configure everything according to specifications and best practices.


A unique piece of hardware is the Uplevel security gateway. It is designed to be the "Swiss knife" all-in-one network controller for small to midsize offices. 


And it won't cost you anything upfront! You don't purchase any hardware and there are no long-term contract commitments. 


It is a multipurpose device with super easy configuration and controls, all from a web portal. 

By default it is a network firewall gateway providing security features of commercial products costing thousands of dollars. 

Then, it is an office router with capabilities to segment the network into multiple VLANs. 

If you have multiple offices, it creates interoffice VPN tunnels on the fly, with all the security of commercial VPN routers. 

It is also a file server with up to 1TB of built in storage allowing you assign share access and quotas to users. If you need a domain controller but don't have an AD server, no worries, no need to invest thousands of dollars into server hardware and software. The Uplevel Gateway provides LDAP user authentication and password control. 

Need business class WIFI with multiple Access Points for hundreds of users. No problem. Uplevel Gateway has a built in WIFI controller as well.


None of these features require upfront purchase. No commitments to new hardware. Simply multi-faceted functionality right out of the box with an affordable monthly support.


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