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Uplevel Security Gateway,

VPN, and WIFI Controller?


♦ Uplevel security gateway is a unique piece of hardware, designed as a "Swiss knife" - an all-in-one network controller for midsize offices. 

♦ And it won't cost you anything upfront! You don't purchase any hardware and there are no long-term contract commitments. 

♦ It is a multipurpose device with super easy configuration and controls, all from a web portal. 



  • Cloud based administration, secure yet accessible from anywhere.
  • Router with capabilities to segment the network into multiple subnets, and scale each to any size class A IP range.
  • DHCP and DNS server. The base model efficiently handles up to 500 concurrent device requests. The largest model handles over 2000 concurrent device requests.
  • VOIP traffic segragation.
  • Firewall providing advanced network security (comparable to brands like Fortinet, SonicWall, and WatchGuard, costing thousands of dollars). 
  • Up to 8 ports allowing individual port configurations.
  • VPN tunnels with self healing connectivity: office-to-office, users-to-office (up to 50 simultaneous VPN connections). 
  • LDAP user authentication allowing centralized user administration without an Active Directory server.
  • NAS with built-in storage of 1-5TB allowing you assign share access and quotas to users. 
  • WIFI controller for scaling your wireless access to hundreds of users.
  • Built-in network diagnostic tests.


None of these features require upfront purchase. No commitments to new hardware. Simply multi-faceted functionality right out of the box with an affordable monthly support.


For a no obligation consultation you can use the Contact Us form, submit a ticket to our ServiceDesk, or call our pros at the numbers on the banner.