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VOIP Telephone Systems


Why would you need to switch to a VOIP telephone system? - cost + easy customizable features (like a big office phone system), and you get to keep your phone numbers!

COST: VOIP phone systems usually cost quite a bit less than traditional big providers phone services. There are multiple VOIP providers to choose from - prices are fixed at the providers price level with no hidden charges. The flat monthly price includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the USA, Canada and Mexico. Prices range from $19.99 to $34.99 per line depending on the provider.

We offer phone systems from three providers: Ooma Office for $19.99 per phone (an 800 number and a virtual fax line are included); or on the high end with more customization options you can choose RingCentral or Vonage for $29.99-34.99

FEATURES: the list is almost endless customizations, voice attendant, call recording, multiple phone extensions, conference calls, ring groups, call forwarding, etc.

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