Cloud Services & Web Apps


 From a server farm to Virtual Machines on AWS cloud

To eliminate the high costs of replacing servers, the best solution is moving your applications to virtual machines in the cloud (on AWS).

With our support, there is a guaranteed 99.99% up-time, and you will never have to keep purchasing expensive server hardware.

Web Apps: on any device, at any location

As an added bonus, business applications can be hosted on the web and accessed on any device - mobile tablets, Mac or Windows notebooks, and at any location with an Internet connection.

  • Satellite offices can access the same data!

  • Your team can be truly mobile!

  • High availability and reliability!

  • Increased workforce productivity!

  • Modern technologies utilized to the full!

Daily snapshots and customizable backup plans keep your data safe at all times!

Prices for cloud servers start at $150/mo.

Many small & medium sized companies with less than 200GB of data can fit within that price range.

Savings can be achieved through a 3 year contract.



Your servers on AWS are also your Disaster Recovery Plan!

  • Natural disasters or pandemics no longer have the same bite

  • Your data and applications are accessible from anywhere

  • Your office and operations are no longer location dependant



Remote access to end user office computers

  • For those users who need to remote into their office PC, we offer remote access services to any of your supported devices.

  • Users can choose from multiple available remote access technologies.

  • Connections are encrypted end to end.

  • Remote access includes file transfer and remote printing.


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