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Computers Support

Hardware purchases from brandname vendors | Diagnose and repair all hardware and operating systems | Domain & user support | Firewall, encryption, endpoint antivirus and network security from leading vendors like Symantec, Trend Micro, Malwarebytes, Comodo

Network Support

Installation of network routers and switches | Segmenting network into VLANS for traffic control | Network monitoring and diagnostics | Network file shares and user access | Secure VPN between satellite offices | Comodo Domain SSL Certificates and website security and hacker protection


Business class FREE WIFI with no initial setup cost for hardware and installation | We install and support wifi hardware from Ubiquiti, Cambuim (Motorolla), Aerohive, Ruckus, Cisco Meraki | Support for thousands of wifi devices with transparent user handover between APs | Blocking user access to unwanted websites and downloads

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Server and PC automatic/unattended data backups | Cloud based and/or on-premise backup appliance | Easy one-click data restores | Multiple dates restore versions | Office relocation and server spin-up within 24 hours from disaster

Cloud Collaboration & Data Storage

Google email hosting & collaboration | Custom domain names | Unlimited cloud space with Google Drive/Photos/Calendar/Contacts or Dropbox for Business | Mobile access to email and documents | Live document collaboration | Edit documents from mobile devices

Remote Web-Applications

Hosted business applications for easy remote access through web portal icons | Run Windows programs from Mac and Linux computers or mobile devices | Secure access to your data through SSL encryption

VOIP Telephone Systems

Voice-over-IP (or Internet) telephones and virtual fax | Cloud portal configuration via a web portal | Virtual receptionist greeting | Multiple extensions over remote offices | Multiple phone numbers with roll-over | Record conversations | Unlimited local & long-distance calls within US, Canada and Mexico | Flat monthly rates starting at $19.95

Point-of-Sale Systems

Small store, market vendor, or restaurant Point-of-Sale system | Cloud based (no backroom server needed) | Hardware is free or included in monthly charges | Credit/Debit cards processing | Lowest industry processing fees

We all like new ideas and gadgets to help us save money and make us more efficient in completing our tasks. Our dedicated pros are hard at work to research, test and provide the best services and deals available, from the most reliable vendors. We only offer solutions which we have tested and are convinced are best of brand, from trusted vendors who will be there for the long run. No matter the task, we will proudly offer you only the best.

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Uplevel security gateway & wifi controller

Uplevel security gateway is the small to midsize office networking "Swiss knife". And it won't cost you anything upfront! You don't purchase any hardware and there are no longterm contract commitments. It is a multipurpose device with super easy configuration and controls, all from a web portal. By default it is a network firewall gateway providing security features of commercial products costing thousands of dollars. Then, it is an office router with capabilities to segment the network into multiple VLANs. If you have multiple offices, it creates interoffice VPN tunnels on the fly, with all the security of commercial VPN routers. It is also a file server with up to 1TB of built in storage allowing you assign share access and quotas to users. If you need a domain controller but don't have an AD server, no worries, no need to invest thousands of dollars into server hardware and software. The Uplevel Gateway provides LDAP user authentication and password control. Need business class wifi with multiple Access Points for hundreds of users. No problem. Uplevel Gateway has a built in wifi controller as well. None of these features require upfront purchase. No commitments to new hardware. Simply multi-faceted functionality right out of the box with an affordable monthly support.

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VOIP phones

Why would you need to switch to a VOIP telephone system? - cost + easy customizable features (like a big office phone system), and you get to keep your phone numbers! COST: VOIP phone systems usually cost quite a bit less than traditional big providers phone services. There are multiple VOIP providers to choose from - prices are fixed at the providers price level with no hidden charges. The flat monthly price includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the USA, Canada and Mexico. Prices range from $19.99 to $34.99 per line depending on the provider. We offer phone systems from three providers: Ooma Office for $19.99 per phone (an 800 number and a virtual fax line are included); or on the high end with more customization options you can choose RingCentral or Vonage for $29.99-34.99 FEATURES: the list is almost endless customizations, voice attendant, call recording, multiple phone extensions, conference calls, ring groups, call forwarding, etc. For a no obligation consultation use the Contact Us form or call the numbers on the banner.