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Servers, Computers, Software

Your Computers Will Work. No Excuses


We support all computer related hardware: servers, computers, peripherals.

  • TechSystems USA is a registered partner & reseller for most major computer hardware vendors.
  • We provide inventory purchasing, vendor warranty support, and after warranty support.

  • We sell at MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) so you are guaranteed to get maximum savings.

  • Engineers are trained & certified to diagnose and fix hardware and software issues, replace or upgrade hardware components.

  • We support computers running all popular Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • As new technologies emerge we will consult you on how we can revive existing computers and make them run at productivity speed again.


With us you can finance the purchase or the upgrade of the hardware with no upfront costs - computers, mobile devices, printers, servers, including the labor required to configure & install them.

This saves your Cash on Hand while allowing your business to keep all hardware within vendor warranty recommendations.


We provide and support cloud solutions on AWS and Azure.

  • We are a partner with VMware and will support your local servers on virtual machines or move them to the cloud. 

  • To eliminate the high costs of hardware renewals, we recommend moving your servers to the cloud on AWS. 

  • With our support, there is a guaranteed 99.99% up-time, with no need to keep purchasing expensive hardware.

  • All costs are reduced to a manageable monthly fee. Additional savings come with a 3 year contract.


We install and support any software specific to your business.

  • We are a registered partner & reseller for most major software vendors. 

  • We monitor & support all server and end users software licenses - enterprise, educational, and volume licensing.