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1. First, we help you pick the optimal options for new computers: 

2. Then, we walk you through the software versions & licensing options:

As a partner with VMware we will support your local servers on virtual machines or move them to the cloud.

To eliminate the high costs of hardware renewals, we recommend moving your servers to the cloud on AWS.

With our support, there is a guaranteed 99.99% up-time, with no need to keep purchasing expensive hardware. Your servers on AWS are also your Disaster Recovery Plan!

For more on disaster recovery and other options see N-Fina article “What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

All costs are reduced to a manageable monthly fee. Additional savings come with a 3 year contract.

Financing available: 0% interest; 6-12 months >> See Application

With us you can finance the purchase or the upgrade of the hardware with no upfront costs – computers, mobile devices, printers, servers, including the labor required to configure & install them. This saves your Cash on Hand while allowing your business to keep all hardware within vendor warranty recommendations.

For a no obligation consultation you can use the Contact Us form, submit a ticket to our ServiceDesk, or call our pros at the numbers on the banner.