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Joanna Athanassov

Vice President, COO


Meet Joanna

  • positive and friendly,
  • a creative problem-solver,
  • an enthusiastic leader, and
  • a compassionate supporter who nurtures the growth and development of the company.


Joanna started out as a personal assistant of the founder, Nick, where she gained invaluable insights into the company’s operation and culture. During that time, she was also the Director of Marketing playing an instrumental role in developing TechSystems’ online presence and marketing strategy.

In the past two years Joanna became the Vice President and Director of Operations at TechSystems and established herself as a skilled and dedicated leader.


Joanna's college education began at Ole Miss as a Business and Marketing major.
Currently she continues her education in Business Administration at Capella University and later plans to pursue a Master’s degree in the same field.


Joanna has a knack for assisting people in personal and professional development, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. Inside and outside of work her highest passion is following Jesus and helping others get one step further in their pursuit of Him. 

Some of her favorite pastimes’ are art, exercise, reading, listening or watching instructional videos and music, and spending time outdoors with her family.


1) If I was not so awesome at my job, I would probably be?

>> A traveling artist, I mean travel + art – who wouldn’t pick that.

2) What experience would you recommend to others?

>> To travel and to help others grow along the way. Growth should be something that never stops. In fact, if someone stops growing, it is a sure sign of regression.

3) What else are you passionate about?

>> The fight of liberating children trapped in human trafficking or abusive/negligent homes and schools. And to educate others about this issue.



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