Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data is your business

We are a partner on your side




People tend to realize the value of what we have only after we lose it!

>> How much would the loss of important files hurt your business?

>> Would the cost of lost business be greater than a monthly backup


Our backup solutions starts at $25/month

Acronis is a leader in backup solutions, scalable to large enterprises.

Your data is treated in a way that ensures its safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity and security.

To ensure something gets done consistently, we set an automated schedule for backups - Acronis doesn’t forget!

>> You can backup an entire system, or backup only specific folders.

>> Backups can be stored on a local disk or network appliance, in the cloud, or hybrid (in both places).

>> Email notifications keep administrators informed about the consistency of the backups.

>> Data can be easily retrieved through multiple restore points.

>> In case of disaster recovery, backup images can be loaded on cloud servers and your business can become operational within hours.

>> The software is easy to use with a professional set of features, requiring minimal training for your inhouse IT personnel.



  • Backups can run continuously or by a schedule

  • For cloud hosted servers, AWS offers scheduled snapshots

  • Data is encrypted from end to end

  • Backup an entire system on a sector-by-sector level (bare-metal backups), or on a folder and file level

  • Store backups locally or in the cloud

  • Email notifications

  • Multiple restore points available for data restores

  • Load backup images to VM’s on cloud servers for disaster recovery readiness


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