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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" (Seneca)


Did you know that hosting your email and data in the cloud can save you money! Moreover, it is more secure than the measures most small businesses can afford to put in place. Add to that convenience, mobile accessibility and ease of collaboration! And did we mention that it costs less than most in-house solutions!


Volumes have been written about the advantages of moving to the cloud - savings, increased productivity, and security are some of the primary. Email and data security matter more than ever. Email is an open door to ransomware and other advanced threats - 91% of cyber attacks start with email. When you host your email in the cloud you automatically get high level security features as well.


Two of the big players for email hosting and collaboration are Google GSuite and Microsoft Office 365 (with hosted Exchange). Both offer different feature sets to help with your productivity and email security.


Google AI has one of the best email virus scanning and spam filters before your email even arrives at your inbox. That eliminates a very high percentage of email threats so you and your team can focus on your work.


On top of that Google offers unlimited cloud data storage with easy and secure file sharing. This means many companies can save on the cost of a local file server and have their data in the cloud - ideal for mobile users and unaffected in times of disaster!


Hosted Exchange, on the other hand, with Microsoft Office 365 offer the familiarity and ease of use of Outlook for email. Coupled with Dropbox for Business and its unlimited cloud data storage and collaboration features - again you can get a full office operation fully hosted in the cloud.


Call one of our pros to help you understand the technicalities while allowing you make a decision which solution is best for you.


It is all within your reach: savings + productivity + security + many more features.


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