Email Hosting & Cloud Collaboration

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Impression at first sight starts with your email domain.

We can handle your domain registration and set up professional email hosting.

There are mainly two choices for business email hosting - Microsoft or Google, and the price tags are similar!

  • Google Workspace Pro (Email, apps, 2TB storage) = $14.95/mo

  • M365 Apps (desktop applications only) = $12.50/mo

  • M365 Business Standard (Email + desktop applications) = $15.90/mo

  • Dropbox Biz Std (1TB cloud storage) = $16.50/mo



So how do you decide?  Several factors may help guide businesses.

Try to answer the questions below:

 How do you want to access your email - online Gmail or desktop Outlook?

 Which applications do you use most - Microsoft 365 suite or Google online apps?

 Do you plan to use cloud storage for sharing files with the team - Google Shared Drives or Microsoft Onedrive Shares, or Dropbox?

 Which product the users on your staff are most familiar with - Gmail or Outlook?





Desktop Outlook application for viewing email, or Outlook online

 Web-based Office applications

 Web conferencing and collaboration

 Onedrive Shares with 1TB of cloud space

++ Add-on Email backup & archiving

++ Add-on Email security, spam filtering, HIPAA & legal compliance

++ Add-on Dropbox for team cloud file sharing & sync



 Familiar interface of Gmail

 Web-based Google applications

 Google Shared Drives with 2TB of cloud space

 Excellent email security and spam filtering

Web conferencing and collaboration

++ Add-on Email backup & archiving

++ Add-on HIPAA & legal compliance

++ Add-on M365 suite of desktop applications


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