Payment Processing  &  Point-of-Sale Systems

Any industry, any platform


Retail, Restaurants, E-commerse, Wholesale, Medical, Complex solutions

smiley Impress the customers with the quality of your products, then by the whole sales process smiley


Payment processing with industry lowest transaction charges

 Mobile terminals, POS systems, Virtual terminals, E-Invoicing (click-to-pay).

 Online shopping carts and hosted payments pages.

 Integrations with QuickBooks, Sage and other programs, Custom software integrations, including Compliant Cash Discount and Surcharge Programs.

 ACH/E-Check Processing, Level 2 and Level 3 interchange optimization, Swiped, dipped, tapped, key-entered and over-the-phone processing.

 Fraud management.

 Cash discount pricing: Eliminate merchant processing fees altogether by passing the charges to the customer. In this way you cover your cost for accepting credit cards.


POS system

 List of products you sell, fully customizable with pictures and barcodes.

 Database of transactions in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, on any device, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining and backing it up.

 Inventory showing you what is on hand, what orders your can fulfilL, and when it is time to reorder.

 An accounting system providing the reports necessary to run your business - sales tax reports, income report (or profit & loss), vendor and customer reports, and others.


Available Equipment

 POS tablet on a stand or mobile equipment

 Credit card terminal - mobile or wired

 Cash drawer

Receipt printer

 Barcode scanner


 Some equipment is available for FREE, or bring your own equipment


One thing is for certain, a fully equipped POS system is within your reach with the lowest processing fees. It is a necessity and now you can have it!



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