Point-of-Sale Systems

A point-of-sale system is more than the equipment you need to process a payment transaction. It is a system which helps you run your business!


Centralized Database: It starts with a centralized database of your transactions history and inventory. We keep it in the cloud so it can be accessible from anywhere, on any device, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining and backing it up.

The system will keep up with what inventory you have on hand, letting you know what size orders your can fulfilL, and when it is time to reorder.

It is also your accounting system providing you with the reports necessary to run your business - sales tax reports, income report (or profit & loss), vendor and customer reports, and others.


These reports keep you prepared for tax filings. More than that, they can become a tool for you to grow your business by giving you an analysis of who are your largest customers so you can reach out and offer them inventory items they may not know about.


Point-of-Sale equipment (POS): Then is the point-of-sale equipment. You impress customers not only by the quality of your products but also by your whole sales process. 

A point-of-sale tablet on a stand or in your hands with pictures of all your products, prices, and quantities - any business is only as good as its tools. Attractive POS equipment also tells your customers you’re an established and legitimate business leading to the trust needed to convert interest into sales.

Add to that a barcode scanner for quick check out. Quick turn-around and no lines - the kind of vendor customers would prefer to do business with.

A scale connected to your POS system, this expedites the process even further.

A card swipe, a cash drawer, and a receipt printer complete the point-of-sale process. They are also the last pieces of equipment the customer interacts with. 

Everything looks neat, organized, and professional.


Now add to that FREE POS Equipment and industry lowest transaction charges

Yes, through some of our partners you can get all your POS equipment for free. 

Other partners simply absorb the up-front equipment cost and roll it in with the monthly transaction charges. 

Or if you prefer you can bring your own equipment.

The choice is yours.


One thing is for certain, a fully equipped POS system is within your reach. It is a necessity and now you can have it!


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