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WIFI scaled to thousands of users

Business class WIFI,
no upfront cost! 


  • Latest WIFI hardware technology - WIFI 6, 802.11ax compatible Access Points >> fastest speeds >> better virtual meetings >> best video streaming
  • Users can move around the building without losing the WIFI signal
  • Security is first place. All traffic remains encrypted with AES 256 - a military grade encryption and better privacy protection
  • HIPAA compliant hardware is used where required
  • Guest WIFI available - guest users only have Internet access in isolation mode
  • We work with a choice of vendors like: Cambium, Aruba, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, and others
  • Upon request we can provide network documentation, performance reporting, and heat maps of WIFI coverage
  • With a support contract, all of this can come at no upfront costs to you. This saves the capital expenses to help grow your business
  • Our engineers have experience supporting government facilities, large medical hospitals, and other business scenarios  


Our pledge: Your Network Will Work. No Excuses!


For a no obligation quote you can use the Contact Us form, submit a ticket to our ServiceDesk, or call our pros at the numbers on the banner.