Business WIFI (for FREE!)

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No pain, high gain

Business class WIFI for FREE! 


It has never been easier to extend your network with business-class wifi. 

And now you can, for FREE? Free, like you won’t have to pay anything upfront. We absorb all costs - cabling and installation, Access Points, Controller, Licenses, etc. Then we will support and monitor your wifi for a low service fee.


We partner with multiple vendors to accommodate your needs, budget, and preferences.

We work with Ubiquiti, Cambium (formerly Motorola), Aerohive, Ruckus, Cisco Meraki WiFi APs.


So why couldn’t you just use the wifi on your Internet modem/router? 

In five words: availability, coverage, security, manageability, growth.


Availability: A home-grade modem/router can theoretically service no more than 24 wifi devices, in real life this number is lower. In the present world most everybody carries multiple mobile devices - cell phones, smart watches, tablets, notebook computers - each device fights for a spot on the wifi.


A business class wifi is made up of multiple Access Points and some brands can service hundreds of devices simultaneously. They load-balance the devices according to availability, seamlessly transfer users to available APs as they move around the facility.


Coverage: Multiple Access Points can be positioned in all areas around the office eliminating blind spots.


Security: User authentication, device isolation, multiple SSIDs, guest access, traffic monitoring, blacklisting risk websites, etc.


Manageability: Connectivity and configuration, load balancing, user access, reporting, etc.


Growth: Business class wifi networks are designed to allow exponential growth and management of hundreds of Access Points and thousands of connected devices.


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