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 At network level we ensure security via a business class advanced firewall and encrypted VPN tunnels to all outside connections.

Uplevel is our vendor of choice for network firewall and VPN connections.

  • Setup is simple and connections are self-healing after outages.
  • Various features are also a la carte and can be added/removed according to needs.
  • Possible to eliminate upfront cost of purchasing hardware (Uplevel offers hardware costs to be rolled into the support plan).


 Computers and servers (called endpoints) are secured through an antivirus and software firewall. For antivirus we integrate with: Bitdefender, Webroot, Trend Micro.

 Windows and software updates & patches are usually disregarded by end users, and this presents another layer of security issues.

We help solve this problem through an RMM agent on all supported devices. These RMM agents monitor hardware performance and warn of potential computer & server failures, which

helps us proactively fix them. They also monitor Windows and other software for pending updates and patches. Installations are scheduled during off hours to minimize interruptions & downtime.


It only costs $7.65/month/device to have full peace of mind with a support plan


 Security training for end users: Many security breaches are the result of social probes. We offer end user security education and support in the form of online classes, simulations, and periodical security newsletter.

Regular backups of all business data with multiple restore points is invaluable in case of a security breach or ransomware.


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